what to see in antigua guatemala

What to see in Antigua Guatemala

Have you already decided to travel to the colonial city of Antigua Guatemala? But… you wonder what to see in Antigua Guatemala? And if it’s the perfect vacation destination.

Without a doubt this is one of the best destinations in Guatemala and the world. This city is attractive for its cobbled streets, facades of its buildings, museums, churches, parks and squares.

During your visit you will be surprised by the amount of tourist attractions of Antigua that you will find in this city. An unforgettable experience is waiting for you, we can assure you that it will be an unforgettable trip.

Main tourist attractions of Antigua

Among the places to see in Antigua Guatemala are the following:

Central Plaza

It is the meeting point for inhabitants and tourists, it is attractive for its leafy trees that provide shade, in addition to the animals and plants that can be seen in the surroundings. Most of the day it is permanently populated by visitors or street vendors.

It is common to see children running on the trails or chasing pigeons or feeding these birds. One of the main attractions of the central square is the fountain of the sirens that is located in the center of Antigua’s central park.

Palace of the Captains

An attractive place in front of the central park, unmistakable by its 54 semicircular arches. It was in this place where important events that marked the history of the city took place.

For more than 200 years it was the main seat of the Royal Court and the General Captaincy of the Kingdom of Guatemala.

Cerro de la Cruz

It’s one of the main tourist attractions of Antigua, is located on the north side of the colonial city. It is one of the places to visit when arriving at this magnificent place of Guatemala. From here it is possible to observe the colonial city in all its splendor.

The panoramic view from the heights is perfect. It is one of the most visited tourist places in the city since the tile roofs of the buildings can be observed. In addition you can see the Panchoy valley, the water volcano and all the colonial beauty of an incredible landscape.

Our Lady of Mercy Church

Although you can find several churches in the colonial city, this one is special because of the distinctive yellow color of its facade. These picturesque details form an attractive cultural landscape, inside you can see works of great cultural and ancient value.
In the outskirts, travelers can enjoy exquisite typical food representative of Guatemalan culture.

San José Cathedral

Located in front of the central square is an iconic place in the city, is one of the places to visit to understand the history of Catholicism in the colonial city. It was founded in 1527, is one of the main bases where great traditions that mark the Guatemalan culture like the processions and Christmas births began.

The Arch of Santa Catalina

Located in the Calle del Arco, it is one of the most popular tourist sites for travelers. In this emblematic place, tourists arriving in Antigua Guatemala take “the picture of memory”.

In the surroundings you can find small museums and a variety of shops where you can buy souvenirs of your visit to the colonial city.

The hermitage of Santa Cruz

For a long time it has been the meeting point for artists, in its facilities are performed concerts and night events, these ruins full of mysticism have seats from which you can enjoy outdoor activities.

Convent of the Capuchins

It is a place where you can find ruins, this place was inhabited by nuns of the order of Capuchin Poor Clares. In a tour of its interior the tourist will be able to discover how people lived in colonial times.

Tank of the Union

La llorona is one of the best known colonial legends and tales not only in Guatemala but in all of Latin America. In this place of public washing places according to urban legends appeared the weeping woman.

La Recolección Complex

It is a site of ruins, for many years it belonged to the order of the collectors. Its destruction was due to the constant telluric movements like the earthquake of 1773 that affected and completely destroyed the building.

At present it is possible to observe the ruins of a colonial work reduced to rubble. They are considered a national monument and in the surroundings there is a park where you can rest and enjoy the view of the area.

Church of San Francisco

It is a colonial construction that stands out for its facade visible from several meters away. It is considered the first sanctuary of the mid-sixteenth century. In his interior a museum can be observed in addition it is the place where they rest the remains of the brother Pedro de Betancourt.

Artisan Markets of Antigua Guatemala

They are colorful and full of excitement where the colonial culture of a city like Antigua Guatemala is evoked. They are the places where you can buy handicrafts made by the tireless and skillful hands of Guatemalan people who make art with leather, cloth and any material they get from nature and local crops.

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