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Velaciones de semana santa en Antigua Guatemala

Holy week Vigils

Antigua Guatemala is beginning to prepare for one of the most important celebrations of Catholicism, Lent and the week of the Holy Week. Among these preparations are the Holy Week Vigils. On this occasion we will tell you about these activities and the days and churches where they take place.

But… What are the Easter Vigils?

This is the activity of staying awake or being awake for the people who attend the temples. It is an act of representing the vigil that Jesus Christ held in the Garden of Olives.

That is to say, a representation of the last moments that Jesus lived before his passion and death is performed.

The Holy Week vigils in Antigua Guatemala are one of the main activities not to be missed by tourists. In this place you can practice religious tourism and learn about the customs and traditions of a colonial town.

What you can see during the Holy Week vigils

  • As we have said before, it is a montage of Jesus’ last moments before he is captured. What you can see is:
  • Theatrical works that portray the story before Jesus’ death.
  • You can see Jesus praying while the disciples were resting without imagining what was to come.
  • The tourist can enjoy activities such as the celebration of mass and communion.
  • The churches in the colonial city are decorated with decorative bread, fruit and the unmistakable smell of roe deer.
  • The temples recreate an orchard with the image of Jesus Christ in the center and all the activities of the Holy Week celebrations revolve around it.

When do the vigils take place?

This activity takes place on the Fridays of Lent. That is to say, prior to the processional processions of the major week that go through the streets of the colonial city. However, in recent years they are held well before the processional processions on the different days of Lent.

If you wish to participate in these activities you can go to the temples that are close to the hotel where you are staying. The activities take place in all the churches where the burial of Jesus is celebrated.

Vigils that take place in Antigua Guatemala

  1. On Ash Wednesday the Veneration of Jesus of Nazareth of the Silence takes place in the church of the Holy Calvary.
  2. On the first Friday of Lent, the vigil of Santo Cristo del Perdón takes place in San José Cathedral.
  3. On the fourth Friday of Lent, the Vigil of Replicas of the Consecrated Images of the Buried Lord and Mary Most Holy of Solitude is held. This is done in the School of Christ.
  4. On the fifth Friday of Lent, the Vigil for the Venerable Image of Jesus of Nazareth of Hope takes place. The meeting place is in the Ermita de Santa Lucía.
  5. The fifth Saturday of Lent is held in the School of Christ. The vigil of the Venerable Image of the Holy Christ of Mercy.
  6. In San José Cathedral, the veneration of the Consecrated Image of the Buried Jesus takes place. This takes place on the fifth Saturday of Lent.
  7. On the fifth Saturday of Lent, the vigil of the Blessed Virgin of Dolores is also held. This takes place in the Sanctuary of St. Francis the Great.
  8. On Wednesday of Sorrows, the Veil of the Consecrated Image of Maria Santisima de Soledad is held. This takes place in the school of Christ.
  9. The Vigil of the Consecrated Image of the Blessed Virgin of Dolores is held on Friday of Sorrows. This takes place in La Merced and in the Church of Santo Calvario.
  10. In San José Cathedral the vigil of the Consecrated Image of Maria Santisima de Soledad takes place. The activity takes place on Friday of Sorrows.

Throughout Lent and Holy Week, the different temples of the colonial city hold vigils. These activities are open to the public and tourists can come to enjoy the religious tourism activities offered by Antigua Guatemala.