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Alfombras de semana Santa en Antigua Guatemala 2021

Easter Carpets in Antigua Guatemala

Easter week carpets in Antigua Guatemala are one of the most outstanding and emblematic traditions of the colonial city. This Chapina tradition is known for representing religious and folkloric figures in the area where the processions take place. In addition to the Velaciones de Semana Santa is another activity not to be missed during Easter Week.

For its elaboration, natural products such as sawdust, sand, flowers, palm leaves and other types of organic products are used. Since Lent and during Easter Week, tourists can observe and enjoy the colorful carpets.

History of Easter Carpets in Antigua Guatemala

Antigua is a place in Guatemala where they make beautiful carpets. But, this tradition of the chapines goes back many years. During the conquest of the Spanish people, two cultures merged, resulting in one of the most outstanding and admirable customs.

The introduction of Catholicism by the Spaniards to America brought with it various customs that were perfected over time. The elaboration of the carpets is an ephemeral art that with the passage of time, the practice and the refinement of the technique has allowed to elaborate true works of art.

Although the carpets as they are also called, are made throughout the country. It is the carpets of Holy Week in Antigua Guatemala that most attract the attention of travelers. This small town is the destination of thousands of visitors who visit the churches, temples and museums for religious tourism.

Activities that can be done in Antigua during the elaboration of the carpets

During Holy Week in Guatemala the atmosphere is full of tranquility and an air of brotherhood. The tourist can do many activities, the most outstanding ones are

  • Getting involved in the making of the carpets. If you want to learn about this ephemeral art you can collaborate in the elaboration of each one of the carpets. How to do it? You can talk to the person in charge of the group and ask to participate, we can assure you that the answer will be positive, since the chapines are characterized by their kindness.
  • Take or make a tour. To discover, know better and enjoy this tradition, taking a tour can be an excellent option. During the Holy Week in the colonial city hundreds of carpets are made so it will be time to know the different styles and types.
  • Go to the Easter processions. The elaboration of this art is known as ephemeral, since it does not last long. One way to appreciate the art is to go to the processions, so in the company of hundreds of devotees you will enjoy the tours through the main streets of the city.

Best days to watch the carpets

Although they are made throughout Holy Week, Good Friday is the best day to observe and enjoy this activity. In Catholicism, Good Friday is one of the most important days, which is why it is on this day that the best and most outstanding carpets are made.

What are the carpets made of

Many elements are used which combined result in outstanding and colorful designs. The materials used in most cases are:

  • Colored sawdust.
  • Multicoloured shavings.
  • Pine leaves or needles.
  • Fruits.
  • Vegetables.
  • sand
  • Bunches of chorus palms
  • Flowers and rose petals
  • Geometric designs made of cardboard and wood, used as moulds.
  • Heraldic and religious symbols.
  • Passages from the bible.
  • Cardboard models to recreate biblical images and the passion of Christ.

During the major week it is common to observe complete families carrying out this arduous work in the streets. The work can take up to 24 hours, but each elaboration is done with fervor so the time it takes is not a problem since it is compensated with the incredible result obtained.

And what are you doing this Easter week in Guatemala? Visit Antigua Guatemala and be surprised by its culture and tradition. Stay at the gallery hotel in a central area very close to where all the good things of Antigua happen. It doesn’t matter if you travel with your family, your partner or your friends, find in Antigua the perfect place to enjoy your holidays and the summer sun.

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